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The world of classic cars is wonderful: A world of both sporty, elegant and amazing cars that seem almost endless among many cars makes produced worldwide.

In my opinion classic cars become most interesting from the early 50’s. During the 80’s it becomes a mixed period distinguishing between so-called classic (Oldtimer) and Young Timers but even some cars from the 90’s are today highly valued iconic cars.

For me classic cars are a unique combination of hobby, joy and investment. You enjoy having the cars near by: I have the great possibility walking around my four showrooms and it is always a special feeling to walk around, sit in the cars and simply enjoy them every day.

During the season from April to October I manage to drive my cars – I always find a suitable occasion for every one of them.

Enjoy the photos and film clips.


My first classic car was a 1971 Porsche 911 Targa bought in the late 80’s. This car was meant as a test car for the spare parts that we produce in JP Group but after having accomplished its purpose I restored it and had it registered on Danish license plates.

Now, in more than 35 years one single Porsche has increased to more than 50 different Porsches. Some of them are shown on this website.


It all started with the production of Volkswagen Type 1 and 2 heat exchangers and exhaust in JP Group a/s (called Dansk Autopart in the beginning of the late 70’s). My parents had a Volkswagen Beetle at the time of my birth in 1958 and I was only a few months old when we all went on holiday in Holland in this 1957 VW Beetle. I did not experience a lot during this holiday as I was only sleeping in my carrycot behind the rear seat.

VW Type 1 Beetle started up as a production for the German military after the Second World War in 1947 and the technique behind the genius air-cooled economic passenger car has been in use from the early start of the Porsche sports cars in 1949 (356 models).


Volkswagen was economic and dependable whereas Porsche was expensive and reliable (and sporty). But Mercedes-Benz was something outstanding mostly known as an elegant limousine built to perfection.

My Mercedes-Benz vehicles are from the early 60’s to the late 80’s.


Compared to Mercedes-Benz BMW was a bit more on the sporty side and combined with water-cooled engines in a high category.

When the BMW 2002 Turbo was introduced in 1974 it was truly world news within the car business.


When we started up JP Group a/s in 1975 my father had saved up money for a real solid family car: A Volvo 145 Estate and ever since he preferred to drive Volvo only.

As such Volvo means a lot of good memories for me and when I bought the well-reputed company Classic Volvo Parts I decided to invest in some charismatic Volvo models.


A “60 beauty” Ferrari is expensive today but is a must to have in a real gentleman’s classic car collection.

At the same time I consider selected Ferraris as a “sole investment”, and I have just invested in the first elegant GTE model but an even more sporty GTC model is “in the pipeline”.


During more than six years we have been the proud producers of Garia electrical small vehicles. Two special versions are now in my collection.

"I have a fondness for Porsche – the oldest are the most beautiful and the ones that make me smile."