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Mercedes-Benz 280 SL Pagoda


Car No. 250B


Motor: 2,8 l

The Mercedes-Benz W113 is a 2-seater open Coupé presented first time on the Geneva Motor Show as a brand-new vehicle in 1963. It was meant to replace especially the 190 SL (type W121), which was getting kind of outdated.

A lot of efforts and D-mark were used to develop this new model, and all models were equipped with a 6-cylinder fuel injection engine. Engine output was 168 hp for the 2,8 l and compared to the smaller 230 SL with 150 hp it seemed like the difference was not too big, but the driving comfort and acceleration is just much better in the 280 SL models.

Although all engines were 6-cylinder three different versions were supplied for the W113 model with the nickname Pagoda.

- 230 SL Starting June 1963 - January 1967
- 250 SL Starting December 1966 - January 1968
- 280 SL Starting December 1967 - February 1971.

By 1971 the W113 was finally replaced by an entirely new and even heavier model R107.

The total production was almost 49.000 vehicles among the above three models, and it was available with the following gearboxes: Automatic 4-speed, 4- and 5-speed ZF manual.

To compensate for the heavy chassis, frame the vehicles was equipped with bonnet, hood lid and door skins made in aluminium.

The car was available with soft top and optional removable hard top often supplied in the same colour as the vehicle.

In 1971 the W113 was replaced by a quite new and even heavier model R107.


Years back I had a Mercedes Pagoda, but at that time my love for air-cooled Porsches with rear engine was bigger! But as time has passed and the desire for “comfort” driving has increased, I accidentally came across the quite fantastic 280 SL – The best engine size and colour combination – and I became a very happy owner!

My extraordinary fine 280 SL Pagoda is in a close to concours condition. There is matching number on gearbox, engine, original matching colour combination between roof top, interior leather and carpets in mulberry red, exterior colour 900 deep blue (with same colour hard top) and soft top dark blue. First owner of this car was German, and the vehicle had a long life driving on the German roads.

In 2018 the car went through major restoration incl. new paint, leather cabin, engine renovation, etc. at the esteemed Mercedes Classic car dealership in Germany.

I bought this car in 2020 and it’s a real lovely and modern comfort vehicle to drive taken into consideration that the car is produced in 1969. The 4-speed manual gearbox was converted to make it more comfortable to drive (with less rpm).

Original equipment was a Becker grand prix radio with mono loudspeaker in the dashboard. It has original electrical antenna and to make this European model as classic Danish as possible I have installed original black licence plates with the registration no. AX 32 900.

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