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About Wonder Classic Cars

Classic cars
take you on
a journey
of a lifetime

Martin Pedersen - JP Group

I have been collecting especially classic German cars since mid-1980s. It all started as part of my business purchasing the first Porsche 911 as a car for testing our manufactured heat exchangers, heat exhausts, etc. in JP Group. Since, this first car has developed into a true passion by adding so many fantastic historical and classic cars.

All the cars are nicely organized in both private and company premises in Viborg, Denmark, but now I felt it was time to go digital and tell about the purchase of and the story behind these cars – both generally and individually. And should the worst thing happen that I sell a car, it deserves some kind of a goodbye salute.

For that reason, I have made the “Wonder Car Collection” website and Instagram profile and it would make me proud to welcome digital visitors and followers from all around the world. The car collection will be sorted by car brand models, that I own:


  • VW Type 1 Beetle
  • VW T1 Bus/Transporter
  • VW T2 Bus/Transporter
  • VW T3 Bus/Transporter
  • VW T4 Bus/Transporter
  • VW Type 3
  • VW Type 4
  • VW Golf
  • VW Others


  • Porsche 356
  • Porsche 911
  • Porsche 911 F
  • Porsche 911 G
  • Porsche 964
  • Porsche 993
  • Porsche 996
  • Porsche 997
  • Porsche 991
  • Porsche 992
  • Porsche 924
  • Porsche 944
  • Porsche 928
  • Porsche others


  • Mercedes 113 Pagoda
  • Mercedes 107 SL
  • Mercedes 129
  • Mercedes 123
  • Mercedes 110
  • Mercedes 111
  • Mercedes others

Thanks for your support and loyalty to both my company and my collection.

“When you fall in love with a special classic car, it’s like any other love… common sense is put aside!”
Martin Pedersen
CEO /Owner - JP Group A/S
“It is hard to beat a Porsche..!”
Martin Pedersen
CEO /Owner - JP Group A/S
“THINK BIG – and dream too… Suddenly dreams come true.”
Martin Pedersen
CEO /Owner - JP Group A/S