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Car No. 219


Motor: 1,8 L

When we bought the company Classic Volvo Parts and started selling Volvo parts – mostly in Scandinavia – I couldn’t resist to buy this Volvo P1800 which I have always considered to be the best designed Volvo.

It is known as the P1800 Jensen as it was produced by the UK Jensen factory. This production only took place there for about one year as Volvo expanded their own production capacity. For this reason, the Jensen model is quite sought-after and rare.

The car was supplied from the UK factory in a creamy white with a red leatherette interior. I had a reconditioned P18 engine installed when I bought the car back in 2019.

As new the car was sold to a Swedish owner. Most interesting about my classic car collection is the difference between driving a Volvo P1800 one evening and then the next day a Porsche 911, and then again, the day after a VW Cabrio… The driving handling is really so different even for the same production period.