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Porsche 356 A Coupé T1


Car No. 299


Motor: 1,6 l

1,6 l motor and equipment: sunroof, 7-day clock and windbreaker screens on side doors.


We are now in August 1956 and from the Pre A versions the Porsche 356 A is now the latest production in the 356 model series. This is a 356 A Coupé T1 vehicle supplied in a grey, brown metallic colour with brown beige leather interior. This vehicle was originally sold to San Francisco and again it was from the years when Max Hoffman had his exclusive distributorship in the US.

After a good life in the north of California it was exported to Italy around 20 years ago, where it went through a complete restauration job on both body, gearbox, and engine. It was bought by a real Italian 356 enthusiast who was a member of the Italian 356 club and as rare extras – mentionable are sunroof (handle operated), mechanical dashboard clock, front windbreaker in side windows, of course due to US model it was installed with US bumpers with overrider bars.

One of my good Porsche friends gave me a hint, that this rare car in outstanding condition and colour combination was available in the Dolomites of Italy and even during the COVID19 period I managed to travel to Italy to inspect and test drive the vehicle. It was in the month of April 2022 and it became a memorable weekend with nice Porsche 356 talks with the Italian owner and his wife, and today I am proud to have this specimen in my collection for many years to come.