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Car No. 294


Motor: 4,5 l

In 1982, Porsche introduced a special 928 Weissach edition. It was produced in champagne gold metallic colour with matching brushed golden wheels, two-tone brown interior and a matching exclusive Porsche suitcase set from the German quality manufacturer Seeger. 205 specimens were produced to mark the 20th anniversary of the Porsche centre in Weissach.

This special edition had a 4.5-l 240 hp engine with a 5-speed manual gearbox and was not different from the standard 928 model. But the interior is really exclusive and they were also supplied with upgraded stereo, electric sunroof and front and rear spoiler.


My specimen is from January 1982 and with a total of 205 specimens delivered from new, it is quite rare.

The car has been registered in Denmark for many years, and originally it came from Ca- nada, where it was delivered from new. During the years I’ve had more Porsche 928s, but my desire was to get a special model that told a broader story than the 928 model in general.

It is a 1955 model year, but unfortunately not with the original engine from when the car was born. It was very common to change the engine to one with slightly more hp, and my car has been installed with the 1600 CC 1958 (Porsche 356A) engine, which gives a smoother drive and some more hp compared with the original 1500 CC engine.

The car is very original in suspension, body and interior, and the same colour combination as when the vehicle was brand-new: silver grey with black leather on the Speedster seats. It is a dream to look at, to sit in and to drive on a sunny day with the top down.

Note - that this is an “emergency” top in case of rain. It is built exclusively for open road use.

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