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Car No. 298


Motor: 2,0 L TURBO

It all started with 6 1600/2 BMW model with the M10 1600 engine. /2 was the meaning of 2 door versions.

The famous importer of exclusive European cars - Max Hoffman – was asking BMW for a sporting version of the 02 series M10 model for the US market.

At the September 1973 Frankfurt Motor Show BMW launched its 2002 Turbo version (model E20) with a 2.0-l engine. This was at the same Motor Show where Porsche launched their 911 3,0 Turbo, and both BMW and Porsche claimed to have produced the first Turbo charged production car!

This model produced 175 hp and had a top speed of 211 km/h. The Turbo version was based on the 2002 tii engine mounted with a twin-scroll Turbo charger made by KK&K. Similar to the Porsche 911 models, this 2002 Turbo was mounted with a Kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection system. The model was available with both a 4- and 5-speed gearbox. The Turbo model had an extra sporty interior with red instrument panel, boost gauge and clock, as well as sports seats and steering wheel.

The body was made in steel and featured a different front panel with an enlarged front bumper and with fibreglass wheel arch extensions, front and rear, rubber rear spoiler on the trunk lid.

The Turbo models were only available in Chamonix-white colour or Polaris-silver colour. Both colours had a BMW motorsport colour-scheme stripes/decals on the side and on the front spoiler.

Timing for introduction of the 2002 Turbo was not the very best, as it was introduced just before the 1973 oil crisis. At the same time, it was an expensive BMW and because of this only 1.672 cars were built. This makes it a quite rare special version of the 2002 series, that was altogether produced in around 400.000 pcs. plus 1502-1802 (in a similar quantity).


Upon adding especially Mercedes classic 2-speeder sportscars to our range of spare parts in JP Group we decided analysing and considering adding some 17 popular BMW vehicles as M10, E9, E10 and the first BMW 3 series to our range.

One of my friends was going to import a car from Holland between Christmas and New Year December 2021. He asked whether it could be shipped to my destination and kept in my showroom for just a few days during Christmas holidays. He accidentally mentioned that the Dutch classic dealer wanted to make a last sale before yearend, and he was offering this BMW 2002 Turbo in a great condition – with only few things to be made in order to get it back to 100% original condition. We made a deal – 2 cars were shipped from Holland to Denmark.

This version is the Polaris-silver colour with black interior. The black sports seats are time correct Macao seats but not the original 2002 Turbo seats. Very rare to find but I will keep on looking…

As such it is my first BMW classic car, and it is a nice little 2-door car but 4 passengers fit well into it despite the overall limited size. It is a 1974 facelifted model with the revised taillights, etc.

The car was sold to a German owner driving on the German Autobahns for its first many years. From Germany it was sold to Holland now added to my Viborg collection in 2021.

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