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Porsche 911 Carrera


Car No. 212


Motor: 3,0 L

The so-called Porsche G model had been introduced with a 2,7-l engine from 8/1973. Between 1976-1977 Porsche reintroduced the Carrera model classification – the same as for last time this had been in use for the iconic 2,7 RS model in 1972-1973. Porsche had introduced their legendary 3,0 l Turbo in 1974, and they decided to use this 3,0-l engine (2993 CC) with its die-cast aluminium crankcase. Finally, the model specification was Porsche 911 Carrera 3,0. With the Turbo engine block – just without the Turbo!

In 1976 Porsche finally wanted to get rid of their reputation for having a chassis that would easily rust. They took a big technological step and began treating complete bodies in liquid zinc baths for better protection.

3,0 Carrera was introduced just before the SC, but compared to the 2,7 Carrera RS and the other 2,7 Carreras (read more under car no. 211) this 3,0-l sportscar had a stronger engine - 200 hp.

This car was introduced from August 1976 – July 1977. This short production period also resulted in limited production figures (2.564 Coupé and 1.123 Targa). However, among Porsche enthusiasts this model has a reputation as one of the most reliable Porsche 911 air-cooled engines ever produced. The vehicle had optional rear whale tail spoiler. The Carrera rear wheel arches were wider than the standard 911, but not as wide as the Turbo version.

The Carrera 3,0 was equipped with a 4-speed gearbox (type 915/49) as standard but a 5-speed manual and 3-speed sportomatic were optional. The model’s name “Carrera” had some extra equipment compared to the “normal” 911’s during this period – among others automatic heater control function, electrical adjustable and heated external mirrors, headlight washers, electrical window lifter, leather covered steering wheel and seats with interior extra thick carpets colour matching the seats.

The successor of the Carrera 3,0 was the 911 SC model with a 3,0-l engine, and Carrera now disappeared for some years until 1984 where it became the Carrera 3,2.


My Carrera 3,0 is a very original specimen. It has matching numbers on engine, gearbox as well as matching colour in Grand Prix white with a tanned brown leather interior. It is a European model, and it was equipped with a so-called comfort package: in this case a Blaupunkt radio and 5-speed gearbox.

I bought the car in 2018. It had a 1-owner history with an esteemed doctor in Salzburg, Austria, who bought the car from new and because of age he now wanted to sell. When the car arrived in Denmark, I made the Danish registration.

This G model is one of my absolute favourite cars. It has good well-adjusted engine speed combined with the Carrera package, which just makes the car “exquisite”.

With full-service packages and history, the car had run below 100.000 km, when I bought it. I have now driven 4 – 5.000 km and it still runs like a brand-new car. A very special feeling to step into a time slot from June 1977 and still feel how well the car drives!

Incidentally, I also have it as a Carrera 3,0 Targa. It’s just the 1976 model.

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