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VW 412 LE


Car No. 321


Motor: 1,7 L

The VW type 4 model 411/412 is somehow an overlooked VW model. The biggest task for this vehicle that it came out too close to the water-cooled VW Golf I vehicle.

As such air-cooled VW vehicles were somehow outdated and for this reason production of this type of vehicle as a coupé and a variant was quite limited.

Rust was one of the major enemies for this vehicle and most of the sold ones simply rusted away.

I was lucky to find a really well-kept specimen in the south of Germany. It was standing there by the German owner in its original Sumatra-green (l61B) colour with beige leatherette interior.

The vehicle was sold from Germany to a Dutch owner and after some years it had various German owners.

I bought the car in 2023.

The car was equipped only with rear defogger.

Sumatragrün (L61B) med beigfarvet kunstlæderinteriør.