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Car No. 81


Motor: 3,2 l

Back in 2004 Porsche decided to produce a special Boxster S model called “550 Spyder”. This is the only Boxster in my collection, and it is almost like the transaxle models 924, 944, and 928.

I really like to have a Boxster as part of my wide Porsche collection although it is not really my favourite car model. For that reason, I purchased the car more than 10 years ago as I found it to be in such a real original condition.

1.953.300 Spyder models were produced, and they were all supplied in Carrera silver metallic colour and with cocoa brown leather interior. The engine was 3,2 l with a 6-speed manual gearbox. It had all kinds of Spyder accessories, and it is a really nice and fast daily driver car.

This compact car has luggage rooms in both front and back because of the mid-mounted engine.

Today it is one of the most preferred Boxster 986 car models.

Carrera GT Silver metallic with cocoa brown leather interior