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Porsche 911 2,0 RS Deluxe


Car No. 84


Motor: 2,0 L

At first glance, this 911 model seems to be an ordinary early 911 2,0 model, but in fact it is actually a very rare and somehow overlooked car, and only known among the absolute Porsche 911 enthusiasts and those interested in history.

In late June 1966 Porsche began developing a slightly more exclusive Porsche 911. They ended up producing only 253 specimens in the serial number range 304703-304955, all of which were equipped with a wooden dashboard, Webasto interior heater and black artificial leather with Pepita pattern. This model was available with or without sunroof.

Engine-wise the gearing had been changed to the same as for 911 S. The engine had S-model crankshafts and pistons/cylinders with a bit higher compression. The body had slightly wider rear bumpers.

Back then in the mid 60’s it was not unusual for Porsche to make very small production runs of some special models to test before releasing the next special model. Porsche considered this car to be the predecessor of the 911 R model, which later became the predecessor of the RS version.

This highly limited and unknown model was given the designation ”RS Deluxe” resulting in the funny configuration between engine, interior and body as an intermediate between the 911 model and the sportier 911 S model. In their Kardex card Porsche named this special model 13/1966.


I found this car by chance in Funen in 2015, where it was kept disassembled. The owner had checked with Porsche and was told that this care was somehow a ”prototype”, and he thought it to be particularly valuable, but it had to be repaired. It looked fine, as it was freshly painted, but it had been painted as a test at the Technical School in Silkeborg and thus not painted to a standard that this kind of car deserved.

I had the car completely disassembled and had it restored according to ”the rules of the game”, but when the car was disassembled the inner panels and other hidden places showed to be rusty, and I decided to redo it completely – it took two years, but it was all worth it because as today the car looks almost better than when it left the factory, in the original Porsche colour code 6606 Irish green and with the seats from that time in black with Pepita pattern.

It is one of the F models I enjoy driving the most, and it’s just ”back to basics 911.” The engine specification is 130 hp as the paper says but in terms of the special RS Deluxe engine combination it actually has 145 fresh hp.

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