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Car No. 242


Motor: 2,5 L, 220 ps

The Porsche 944 was another attempt from Porsche to develop and produce a serious alternative to the 911 E model that was getting somehow outdated with air-cooled engine in the back.

As such the 944 was a front-engined sportscar produced from 1982 until 1991.

It was supplied with RWD and despite its low reputation for many years it became quite popular with more than 160.000 specimen produced.

The successor for the 944 model was the 968 and these kind of water-cooled transaxle sportscars were replaced by a mid-engined Boxster being brought to the market in 1996.

Porsche transaxle models have unfortunately become more sought-after over the last year. The reason why I mention this is because for several years this vehicle was a Porsche standing behind the image of the 911 models with the engine in the back. This meant that the 924, 944, and 928 models were less in demand of course resulting in quite low prices.

With the collection of Porsche cars, I strongly felt that these transaxle Porsche models also belonged to a good collection and for that reason I succeeded in finding this vehicle produced in August 1987 with the 2,5 l Porsche Turbo engine.

The car is supplied in the original colour and with the “dial phone” aluminium wheels.

From new it was supplied with a Blaupunkt radio but was later upgraded to a more expensive and sophisticated Alpine radio in the mid 90’s.

P930 linen leather, Alpine radio, ”Phone” alu. wheels.