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Porsche 911 SWB


Car No. 245


Motor: 2,0 l

In the second half of 1966 (1967 models) Porsche still produced 911 SWB with a 2,0-l 130 hp engine. It was supplied with a 4- or 5-speed gearbox and was available as both a Coupé and a Targa.

Production of 911 models was starting to increase as the market had somehow settled and accepted the 6-cylinder “price” compared to the Porsche 912 4-cylinder versions.


This specimen is matching numbers vehicle in Porsche colour code 6605 Bahama yellow with black leather “Recaro style” sports seats with Pepita pattern.

It is supplied with 5-speed “dog-leg” gearbox and Blaupunkt radio. The car was originally sold from a German Porsche dealership until it was exported to Denmark more than 10 years ago. It was driving the Copenhagen area and has generally been well maintained and serviced.

I bought it in 2020 and enjoy this “standard” 911 SWB entry version as a very well-balanced car being pleasant to drive as a Coupé. Not quick as a flash – but we must remember that we are in a “time-lapse” that dates back to 1967 – the year my wife was born!

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