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Car No. 330


Motor: 5,4 L

The last model produced in the 928 series was the GTS version, equipped with a 5,4 l V8 engine that generated 345 hp.

In addition to a more robust engine, this model featured wider rear fenders, larger wheels, bigger brakes, and, in general included all the available extras from Porsche. Production of the GTS version took place from 1992 and concluded in July 1995.


My specimen is from April 1995, and for the first 10 years of its “life” it belonged to Porsche AG as an executive car. Consequently, the car received thorough servicing and was kept in a garage for many years, leading to its excellent “like new” condition today, despite the odometer reading 160,000 km.

This exclusive car features an attractive colour combination with a Porsche red exterior and grey soft leather interior.