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Porsche 911 Turbo


Car No. 209


Motor: 3,0 l

In 1974 Porsche had reached their first production of a turbocharged 911. They started out with a 3,0-l Turbo with an output of 260 hp. From 8/1977 the engine size increased to 3,3 l with 300 hp. In the 3,3-l engine it now allowed room for an intercooler.

On the body, it should also be visible that this was a Turbo! Wider front and rear fenders were installed. And also a ”whale tail” was installed on the spoiler on the bonnet in the first years, and where space was needed for the intercooler, it became a larger ”Tea tray” rear spoiler from 8/1977-1989.

Throughout the 1970’s and the 1980’s Porsche constantly struggled against the even stricter emission standards on especially the US and Japanese markets, and they were forced to withdraw the Porsche Turbo model from these markets from 1981-1985.

The 3,0 model was also called the ”UR” Porsche, and today it is the most sought-after and expensive model.

Interestingly, Porsche only introduced their Turbo models with a 4-speed gearbox. They claimed it was the best gearbox combination for the Turbo engine, but in the end the customer is always right, so in the very last production year – 1989 – Porsche introduced it with a 5-speed gearbox. It is today the most sought-after 3,3 Turbo model in either Coupé or Cabriolet.


My Porsche 911 3,0 ”UR”-Turbo is produced on April 30th, 1976.

The car has the special 70’s colour, that Porsche called colour code 443 brown kupfer diamond with dark beige leather interior. The car is registered in Denmark from the start, and in addition to the usual Turbo package it also has the bigger radio.

During the first years of the ”UR” Turbo model it was known as the ”kick-in-the-ass” phenomenon, where the Turbo without intercooler ”kicks in” at around 4.000 rpm, and therefore you must always check the weather forecast (no rain), before going out to have fun in a 911 Turbo from this year. But it is a great feeling – it’s the raw way of driving, where it’s not all electronically controlled, but it requires courage and effort from the driver!

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