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Porsche 911 Carrera 2,7 CIS


Car No. 211


Motor: 2,7 l

In 1974, Porsche worked on developing the successor to the iconic Carrera 2.7 RS model, which became the 911 Carrera 2.7 model.

It was introduced in Europe with an MFI injection system with 210 hp. That is, the same engine as for the 2.7 RS model but now in a G-model body.

During the years 1973-1976, the regulations for smog and fuel emission really became an issue. It started in California but spread to most of the US. This also meant that the Carrera 2.7 MFI model would not be able to meet the demands of the US market. As for the 2,7 S it was the same 2.7-l engine, but Porsche installed the CIS (Continuous Injection System and in this way replacing the mechanical injection system. The Bosch K-Jetronic CIS varieed fuel pressure to the injectors depending on the mass airflow, while this system was exceedingly dependable it did not allow the use of as “hot” cams as the MFI (or the older style carburettors).

The model was introduced as the Carrera 2.7 in the US as an alternative to the 2.7 S model with Carrera stripes running along the side, and the FUCHS rims were often painted in the same colour – altogether an even sportier version than the S model – and even more “juicy”.


My car is the American CIS model from 1975. It is restored but completely as it was originally when it was delivered from the factory - with Grand Prix white colour code 908 and with Carrera gold stripes and FUCHS rims painted in the same colour.

It has matching numbers on engine and gearbox.

The car was supplied with the Carrera 2.7 sports package with code 478 and with the matching stereo Blaupunkt radio. This is a rare and limited production for the years 1974-1975, and the car drives fantastic. I think the story is both special and interesting in that you take the 2.7 Carrera engine and install it in a G-model body. Completely identical to the European market with the engine that was in the 2.7 RS. To the American market it now had the new Bosch K-Jetronic system, which gave fewer hp than the European model, but where the engine was extremely sporty for its year.