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Porsche 911 S Soft Window Targa


Car No. 106


Motor: 2,0 L

Porsche 911 S models were introduced in 1966 with impressive 160 hp above the standard 911 130 hp.

The engine power upgrade was accompanied by an upgraded suspension system with Koni shock absorbers and ventilated brake discs. In the same year another real innovation for Porsche was introduced: the Targa model, that had been under consideration for some years since the 356 Cabriolet went out of production. The first version available was the so-called soft window Targa top, which was a folded way back rear window with a removable roof section. The fold way system was made with a heavy-duty zip and with a “plastic/vinyl” rear window.

Porsche knew that this was not the most long-lasting and practical construction, and at the same time they worked on making a hard and traditional rear window version – the so-called Targa window. This window was ready by the very end of 1967 so actually less than 250 911 S models were installed with the original soft window tops. As a result of this the S model soft window Targa are one of the rarest and most desirable Porsche 911 S models ever produced.


My S soft Targa version was really found by coincidence. One of my Porsche friends was offering it for sale together with another 911 model and these two cars had to be sold as a package deal. The 911 S was the most valuable of the two cars, but it was installed with a hard glass rear Targa window, and it was in the Porsche polo red colour, which I could ascertain was not the original.

For every Porsche I buy I ask the importer about originality on the car: Is it the correct colour, engine, gearbox, etc. And for this car Porsche surprisingly replied that it was originally supplied with the rare soft window construction. Furthermore, it was born in the colour code 6206 silver metallic and with a black leather interior.

I decided to restore it back to original and with the equipment supplied from when the car was brand-new: Blaupunkt radio, Webasto heater and dashboard thermometer for outside temperature. The car was stripped down to bare metal and fully restored.

I bought this specimen back in January 2015 and became the lucky owner of this extremely rare car. I enjoy the 160 hp engine with the 5-speed dogleg gearbox and there is nothing better than to roll down your soft top and take of your Targa roof and just drive with the Targa bar behind you on a sunny day. Lots of open air and sun!

The car is with black historical Danish license plates.