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Car No.291


Motor: 2,4 E-engine with oil flap, 165 hp

This is an unrestored 911 F model from California.

It is obvious that this car is not newly painted but has been repaired here and there due to minor damages to the paintwork. But on the other hand, this has a certain kind of charm that is not just another fully restored Porsche 911.

It comes with its original matching no. 2,4 l engine with the so-called oil flap model. Porsche enthusiasts know that this means production year 1972: The only year that Porsche made the car with the oil flap for filling oil to the tank. Too many people simply made the mistake and added gasoline to this flap instead of to the flap mounted to the left front fender!

The vehicle is supplied in its original colour which was quite rare and for several years not that trendy. However, this colour Saphira brown with the beautiful light brown (restored) leather interior is now highly trendy and makes the car quite cool.

I managed to put the period Danish licence plates mounted on the car and of course ending with the digits 911. In the 60’s and early 70’s the first two letters TE on the licence plates indicated that this car was registered in the Viborg town area.

I have added cocomats and km/h speedo as the mph speedo was no longer functioning. The 911 E 2,4 l is a great driving machine – so much better than a 911 T model from the same years.

Electrical sunroof, Blaupunkt radio