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Car No. 1


Motor: 3,6 l

From August 1994 an updated version with the internal model’s name Type 993 was introduced. It was based on the Type 964 model, but the exterior featured an overall new front and rear resulting in a smoother and more aerodynamic body. Compared to the 964-model the updated 993-version featured an all-new multilink rear suspension with much improved car riding and handling trying to overcome the reputation for oversteering during more extreme driving conditions.

The engine capacity remained at 3,6 l but now hp was 272 ending up with 286 hp in the model year 1996. The 993 as standard was a Carrera 2 (2RWD) model, but it was also introduced as a Carrera 4 with 4WD.

A Targa-version was available as an open top model, but no longer with attachable roof section. It now had a large glass roof, that slides backwards under the rear window. Quite a sophisticated and expensive Targa-solution and with a limited production run just between 1996-1998 models.

The wide body 993-versions with the so-called Turbo-look, but without the Turbo-engine, was becoming very popular in both 2S and 4S versions. The 993 was available with both a manual 6-speed gearbox as well as Tiptronic option. It happened to be the last air-cooled 911 produced since the early start in 1964. It was replaced by a brand-new water-cooled 911-version with the model code 996 in August 1997 (1998 model).

This Porsche 993 has a very special history. It was purchased as a new vehicle by a sheik from Dubai back in 1998. It was born a 911 Targa model, but the sheik asked a Porsche tuning specialist in Germany to change the engine. The engine should have 600 hp but the tuning company recommended him not to modify the existing body because it was built as a Targa model with electrical glass roof and as such the chassis was not at all strong enough for such a heavy tuned engine.

The sheik ended up buying a Porsche 993 Turbo with sunroof and somehow this Targa was kept in a corner just waiting for a decision to be made what to do with it. Some years went by and as the tuning company has been one of our JP customers for many years I was passing by now and then and asked if I could buy this nice car, which was still in its original colour Polar silver with black leather interior.

I decided to keep the original 3,6 l 285 hp engine and slightly change the body to the 4S look and as such it is one of only two Porsche 993 4S Targas known to me to exist.

The car has black leather seats, full carbon package, aluminium interior package, white signal lamps, sound package and 6-speed manual gearbox.

I have been the proud owner of this car since 2002.