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Car No. 39


Motor: 1600 CC, 75 HK

The car has black coloured leatherette interior and matching number engine.

This Porsche model was the second 356 B that I purchased back in 1998. I was looking for older Porsches in the Danish second-hand paper “Den blå avis” having lots of cars for sale. The seller had made a short notice that the car needed restoration, but it was really cheap!

The seller was a US sailor who had ended up in the Northern Jutland in a small port city called Thisted. His girlfriend was of course the reason why he moved to Denmark. As they originally planned to marry, he decided to import his Porsche 356 B from the US and all the way to Denmark. However, the marriage failed, and the sailor needed the money to go back to the US. It was clear to me that this vehicle had known better days. For a few thousand dollars I still thought it worthwhile making the deal. I started up the engine and drove a few hundred meters as a test-drive. The deal was signed and I brought the car with me to my hometown Viborg on my car trailer.

In our own workshop we made a total restoration job of both body, interior, and engine. It was restored back to its original red colour, and we did a great upholstery job on the worn out black leather seats.

The extensive restoration job done together with the many years of ownership results in the special feeling driving the car a couple of times a year. It used to be one of my only Porsches being driven 5-6 summer months in a row 20 years back.