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PORSCHE 911 2,2 T


Car No. 237


Motor: No engine

My mechanic who has been working for me in many years maintaining my selection of classic cars was originally educated mechanic in a town just about 40 min. away from Viborg.

His boss passed away and the widow wife called my mechanic Kurt and mentioned that one of her wishes was to sell a Porsche 911 from 1971 which her husband had left in the back of their farmyard for more than 20 years.

20 years in the edge of the forest is hard on a non-rust protected Porsche 911 from 1971. Fortunately, the engine had been removed and left in his workshop in a very well condition. However, as you may see on the photo the car was really rusted through. Kurt asked if I was interested in buying this car for a later full restoration although we knew that this would be a hard and long-time job.

We manufactured the body parts for such a full restoration job but my idea was simply to buy this rusty car and leave it in our showroom telling the story about how cars are found around the world in most awkward places.

When picking up the car we cut a tree and kept the environment as when the car was found because this is telling a story how it is possible still to find Porsche in such conditions.