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Porsche 911 2,0 SWB


Car No. 309


Motor: 2,0 l

The successor to the Porsche 356 was called the Porsche 901 and was introduced as a prototype in September 1963. A dispute with Peugeot over the rights to the name led to the name 911.

Despite it was presented in 1963 the first 911’s did not hit the streets until the autumn of 1964. Here it was introduced with a 2,0-l 6-cyl. engine, which produced 130 hp and a top speed of 210 km/h. In that way, it was a worthy sports car replacement for the Porsche 356, and the story is well known, where the 911 model is produced in the seventh update/generation to this day.


Few months after the launch in Germany, Skandinavisk Motorkompagni A/S imported their first Porsche. We are now in February 1965, and with chassis no. 300388 it is number 388 of the 911 produced.

I found the car by chance from an estate owner in Belgium, who had bought it because it was one of the first 911 models produced. Unfortunately, he had suffered from blood clot and had lost his driving license and had to dispose of the car before he had it registered in Belgium.

The car is now being restored to its original colour as when it was introduced from the dealer and sold to the purveyor to Her Majesty, P. Justesen, which was then located on Vesterbrogade in Copenhagen.

In connection with the upcoming anniversary of the Porsche 911 in the autumn of 2023, I think it is really interesting that I actually now own the very first Porsche that was sold in Denmark, and my goal is to get it restored to its Bali Blue colour with colour code 6412K/P with grey-brown leather interior and Pepita pattern.

The engine is matching and everything matches to its condition from when it first came off the assembly line. So it’s a very unique car with a very unique piece of Denmark’s Porsche history!