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Car No. 194


Motor: 2,1 L

This rescue and fire van has a special background as it was operating in the Viborg Rescue and Fire station for many years.

One day I passed by the station and saw this T3/T25 Syncro. I went into the station and simply asked if this vehicle might one day come for sale, I would be an interesting buyer. My interest was well noted and a few years later I got a call from the station that it was now for sale but the procedure for vehicles like this was that it had to be put out to tender. I got the tender information, date, etc. and I was pleased to win the bit.

This vehicle had been very well maintained and was in a good usable condition.

Now it is a working vehicle with a special local history and belongs well to my collection of various vans and busses in Type 1, Type 2, Type 3/Type 25 and Type 24.