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Car No. 3


Motor: 1500 cc

Actually, this Volkswagen Beetle is one the first classic Beetles that I purchased back in 1998. Back then I noticed a small advert in the newspaper showing a Volkswagen Type 1 Convertible from 1970 for sale about 200 km south from where I live. The advert made it clear that it needed full restoration. I still remember arriving there to make a visual inspection and realised that the car was in original Volkswagen white colour. It still had its original engine with 1500 CC resulting in 54 hp. I bought the car for a few thousand dollars and decided to have it restored.

The job was split between an engine and a full body/interior restoration. I decided on a Volkswagen Ocean blue metallic colour and added black sports seats for improved comfort. Engine was restored and fitted with a chrome dress-up package and KADRON dual carburettors. To finish up the car I have equipped it with EMPI wheels, period Blaupunkt radio and a few more things here and there. Condition: Almost better than when it was built!