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Car No. 264


Motor: 1,7 L

Now we go to Brazil: The Brazilian people was so avid for having a sportscar or at least a vehicle with some kind of sports look.

Karmann Ghia production started their quite popular vehicles with 1,2/1,3 l engines. In 1973 Volkswagen decided to make a tool-up for the SP2 design to really send something sporty on the market.

It only had 70 hp with a 4-speed transmission but both the exterior and interior corresponded the need of the Brazilians. However, it came a bit late to the market and for that reason it was only produced from 1973 to 1975 with air-cooled engine. In these years the VW Gol took over as a much cheaper and more practical vehicle for most Brazilians.

Only very few VW SP2 was exported from Brazil to Europe – from what I have been told less than 10 but I don’t really who kept a track of this.

This vehicle was imported to Portugal back in the late 70’s and from there it came to Denmark where I bought it in 2019.

I feel that the design and the story about the SP2 is quite charming.