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Porsche 997 TURBO


Car No. 272


Motor: 3,6 l

Porsche introduced their 997 Turbo and the GT3 variants at the end of 2006. The following year came the GT2.

The Turbo model was available as a Coupé and Cabriolet version with a 3.6-l engine with 480 hp. From the 2009 models, Porsche introduced an update where, among other things, PDK automatic clutches and slightly revised engines were introduced.

The Porsche 997 model was based on the principle ”the more evolution, the less revolution”. That’s what Porsche had done throughout these years, so why shouldn’t they do it now too.


My specimen is from January 2008 and was originally sold to its first owner in Dubai.

It was born with the beautiful colour combination Turbo charcoal grey with a dark red, exquisite leather interior.

When the car came to Denmark, it was on leasing basis for several years, and I bought it in 2020, and it is now in my collection without license plates.

It is equipped with Tiptronic and has the entire Turbo package.

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