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Porsche 996 GT3


Car No. 256


Motor: 3,6 l

The Porsche 996 edition with the revised 2002 design. However, still with the iconic shape, especially due to the lamp design which met much criticism.

In 1999, however, it became more popular when Porsche launched a GT3 edition. It was with a wide Carrera 4 body, although the GT3 retained its rear-wheel-drive. The GT3 engine was actually developed for the Le Mans racer that Porsche used in the 1998 race. The engine had a cylinder volume of 3.6 litres and produced 360 hp. The GT3 model not only got a stronger engine but also a sportier (read: hard) suspension. From model year 2003 there was a revised engine with 381 hp and a top speed of 306 km/h. In 2004, a 911 GT3 RS was also launched, and you could always get the GT3 version as a ”club sport” variant with a ”club sport” package.


In my showroom I have a nice version of the updated 3.6-l 381 hp engine. It is as it was supplied originally in silver metal and with a black leatherette interior.

It was originally sold from new to an owner in Paris, after which it came to Denmark and was on leasing basis for a few years.

I bought the car in 2020 but haven’t had it registered yet. The intention of the purchase was to have one of the more desirable Porsche 996 models (somewhat on the same principle as the 996 40th anniversary model), and the car is truly original with only 40.000 on the clock.

"the car is truly original with only 40.000 on the clock."