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Porsche 964 RS America


Car No. 305


Motor: 3,6 l

Porsche decided to make a new RS model based on the original iconic Porsche Carrera 2,7 RS from 1972/73.

However, Porsche cars North America decided that the cars tuning package was not suited for the American market, but on the other side they wanted to please the US 911 enthusiast, and therefore decided to produce a RS America for the motel years 1993 and 1994. It was based on the US Carrera 2 and was offered only in standard colours red, black, and white and a few special colours of midnight blue metallic or polar silver. Only few were delivered in speed yellow, but today this is quite rare!

The RS America did not have additional horsepower, but it was equipped with rear RS “whale tail” spoiler. Interior was stripped with flat door panels, red RS door straps and instead of rear seats it was installed with a special “luggage” shelf and carpets for the rest of the car. RS sports seats were cloth covered (no leather) and it had 17” wheels and M030 sports suspension. To lower the weight, it had no power steering, no cruise control, no power windows, no A/C, no sunroof, and no radio (last 3 things could be ordered as options). Without the before mentioned equipment the RS America became just 30 kg lighter than the stock US Carrera 2 model.

It was installed with Turbo brakes and Turbo coil springs as well as upgraded shock absorbers and 17” C2 Turbo wheels. In total 701 RS America was built in comparison with the European 964 Carrera RS where 2.282 were built.


This vehicle was sold from Porsche North America and produced in December 1992 as a 1993 model year. It was registered for the first time in the US on July 13th, 1993, in the colour A1 = black and with interior XZ = RS America. Options were as follows:

220 = limited slip differentials
573 = Air-conditioning
650 = electrical sunroof

The car was exported to Sweden in February 2009 and then imported to me in Denmark in 2015.

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