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Car No. 247


Motor: 3,6 L, 260 hp

Porsche decided to show a technological flagship model called the 959. It resulted in an extremely advanced sportscar, in fact the world’s fastest street-legal car, during the years 1986-1993. Based on the technology from the 959, the 964 model was introduced (959 became extremely expensive and was only produced in a limited production run of about 340 specimens). It was a true new 911-development compared to its predecessor Porsche 911 3,2 l Carrera. For the first time it was launched as a Carrera 2 RWD model, but also for the first time for the 911 launched as a Carrera 4 4WD technology (four-wheel drive from the 959 development).

The body had an overall redesign with special front and rear bumpers to a more modern look with a nice combination of the 911 classic DNA. Modern features like ABS brakes, and new electronic power steering system was also introduced. The engine was increased to a 3,6-l resulting in 250 hp. Of course, the 964 Turbo would also be introduced on the market, and in 1990 Porsche decided to bring a refined version of the 3,3 l 930 Turbo on the market as a model with internal product code 965. The factory was urgently working on developing a more powerful and modern Turbo engine, and two years later this resulted in a model where the 3,6 l Turbo engine was introduced.

In the 964/965 models an automatic gearbox was optional in the 964 Carrera 2 model called Tiptronic. It was like an electronic management system where you could both drive with an automatic gearbox as well as manual control if you wanted to switch.

On the safety side airbags were hot new developments and the Porsche 964 was even offered with dual airbags in both driver and passenger sides.

This is a Porsche Carrera coupé/sunroof model supplied in 1990 to a German customer.

It has been going through a complete engine overhaul at around 50.000 EUR. During the restoration it was given a complete paint job in the grand prix white colour.

Carrera RS stripes was mounted on the rear decklette as well as on the door sides to give the car a sportier look. Red coloured seat belts and interior door opening straps in RS look have been mounted. The front is fully painted à la Carrera RS style. Rough and light weight.

This car runs great, and Porsche classic radio has been mounted with integrated navigation, phone system, etc.