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Porsche 911 T LHD


Car No. 229


Motor: 2,46 l

From August 1972 the 911 T was still the entry level Porsche 911 model. But now all models were based on a 2,4-l (2341 CC) engine. Now the T model had an output of 130 hp, and while the more expensive models 911 E and S were now using a mechanical fuel injection system (MFI) the 911 T still had the double Weber carburettor.

Not only the engine was changed. There were constant technical improvements to try to eliminate the oversteering reputation when the 911 was driven at its limits – often resulting in easily spinouts in the hands of especially inexperienced drivers.

On attempt to solve this problem, was to relocate the oil tank from its location behind the rear wheel to the front of the rear wheel and in this way improve the weight distribution and driving handling. However, this meant that Porsche simply installed an outside oil tank cap (similar looking to the fuel tank cap on the left front fender) on the right quarter panels. The idea was not bad but unfortunately this design had to be abandoned after only one year of production. Rumour has it that this was because of especially American employees at service stations filling fuel into the oil tank!

A stronger gearbox called 915 transmission from the Porsche 908 race car was installed and with this new gearbox Porsche got away with the so-called dog-leg first gear arrangement. Most cars had the traditional H-pattern with the first gear up to the left, second gear on the knees, etc. The dog-leg construction gearbox was just a matter of adaptation, but it was a bit inconvenient during city driving as it could easily conflict with your right leg if you are a certain sized person


This nice car was originally sold from the Porsche centre in San Francisco, USA. It didn’t have many options, but in 2017 it was completely taken apart and fully restored with “DANSK” body parts, heat exchangers, exhaust, fuel, and oil tanks, etc. A book was made based on this unbelievable restoration work, which lasted more than one year. The engine was taken apart and restored and renewed to an unprecedented level of my cars.

This specimen was originally supplied in colour code 7474 sepia brown with a light brown leather interior. However, as I already had a 911 in exactly this colour combination, I decided to make this in my favourite colours slate grey RAL 7015 with a dark red leather interior – WOW!

To give the car some driving comfort I installed it with a Porsche classic radio incl. phone and Navision system and new tinted windows, and this is the same feeling of driving a brand-new Porsche from the dealer back in 1972 – just even more exquisite!

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