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Car No. 56


Motor: 1600 CC

This vehicle is a Porsche 356 Speedster Recreation which means that it is with glass fibre recreation body but with a great 1600 CC engine. The glass fibre body is mounted on to a shortened floor pan and chassis frame from a VW Type 1 model from 1961. The body kit is supplied by Vintage Speedster, US. The car has been fully restored in our own workshop.

I noticed a small advert in the newspaper that the car was up for sale and a photo clearly showed that the engine had been on fire and the rear of the chassis was somehow melted because of the heat. Of course, the price was strongly reflecting this damage but knowing a very well experienced boat/yacht builder in Viborg we asked him to do the repair job which he did to perfection and we could do the paint job in a piano black colour. Interior/seats done in cognac colour.

Being a recreation car of course means much lower value than the original ones. But the driving experience of this vehicle is still great although the “raw” Speedster feeling is of course missing.